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Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy started M-Pharm Pharmaceutics course in 2010 with aim to motivate, train the student in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovation. The mission of our department is to ensure all our students acquire the knowledge and skills essential to achieve their potential and become productive candidate for society. Our vison of the department is to produce world class professoriates by providing the students a unique learning experience in profession and other areas that will best serve the industrial needs and betterment of the society.


Pharmaceutics department is well furnished with all research facilities for UG and post graduation. Few of the instruments / equipments include, tableting machine, coating machine , Shaktis Multi tool attachments with horizontal drive universal gear which can be used for various pharmaceutical unit operations such as liquid filling unit, pelleting, granulation, coating, semisolid preparations, mixing, etc. Our laboratory also has stability chambers as per ICH guidelines. Analytical instruments include UV spectrophotometer, FTIR, UPLC, dissolution chambers, auto analyzer etc . Pharmaceutics department established a well furnished pilot plant where solids , liquids can be scaled up to industry.

Ongoing Projects

1 Design and development of oral sustained in-situ gelling system of Roxatidine.
2 Development of evaluation of gel containing ethosomes entrapped with Lornoxicam.
3 Formulation and evaluation of Atenolol liquisolid compacts.
4 An approach to increase the bioavaliblity of Glipizide by self emulsification technique.
5 Formulation and evaluation of mcoadhesive microsphere of Metoprolol succinate.
6 Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of anti hypertensive drug.
7 Design and evaluation of buoyant drug delivery system containing an anti diabetic agent.
8 Formulation and evaluation of sublingual drug delivery system containing anti ulcerative agent.

Projects Compeleted

1 Development and evaluation of in-situ gels of Moxifloxicin for the treatment of periodontitis.
2 Design and optimization of gastro retentive drug delivery system of Sitagliptin.
3 Comparative studies of micro spheres and nanoparticels of Minocycline hydrochloride as local delivery in treatment of periodontitis.
4 Development and evaluation of chitoson based oral controlled matrix tablets of Losartan potassium.
5 Design and evaluation of a new capsule -type dosage form for colon- targeted delivery of Etoricoxib.
6 Comparative studies of polyelectrolyte complexes of chitoson for sustained realese of Simvastatin.
7 Formulation and evaluation of Montelukast sodium fast dissolving tablets.
8 Formulation and evaluation of kollidon matrix tablets of Tinidazole for colon -specific drug delivery.
9 Formulation and evaluation of chitoson based effervescent floating tablets of Verapamil hydrochloride.
10 Design and evaluation of chitoson based mucoadhesive microspheres of Captropil.
11 Development and evaluation of chitoson based oral controlled matrix tablets of Glipizide.
12 Formulation and in vitro evaluation of colon targeted matrix tablets of Lornoxicam.
13 Screening , formulation and evaluation of selected oral absorption enhancers for low permeability drugs.
14 Sustained ocular delivery of Sparfloxacin from pH- triggered in situ gelling system.
15 Development and evaluation of medicated chewing gums of Fluconazol for the treatment of oral candidiasis.
16 Design and evaluation of pulsatile drug delivery of Losartan potassium.
17 Formulation and evaluation of self emulsifying drug delivery system of Glimepiride.
18 Design and in vitro evaluation of taste masked fast dissolving tablets of Sumatriptan succinate.
19 Design and in vitro evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Loronoxicam.
20 Formulation and in vitro evaluation of effervesecent tablets of model non steroidalanyi inflammatory drugs.
21 Formulation and in vitro evaluation of solid dispersion of beta cyclodextrin complex of Glimeprimide with poloxamer.


Sl.No Name Qualification Designation Profile
1 Dr. Prakash S Goudanvar

M.Pharm., Ph.D

Prof. & Head view profile
2 Dr. Vedamurthy Joshi M.Pharm., Ph.D Assoc. Professor view profile
3 Mr. Kiran kumar G.B M. Pharm Asso. Professor view profile
4 Mr. Senthil Kumar K M. Pharm Asso. Professor view profile
5 Dr. Abdul Nasir Kurnool M. Pharm., Ph.d Asst.Professor view profile
6 Dr. Nagesh D R M. Pharm Ph.D Asst.Professor view profile
7 Mr. Madhu B K M. Pharm Asst.Professor view profile