The National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India was initially established by the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) under section 10(u) of AICTE Act, in the year 1994, in order to assess the qualitative competence of the programs offered by educational institution from diploma level to postgraduate level in engineering and technology, management, pharmacy, architecture and related disciplines, which are approved by AICTE.

Major Objectives of NBA Accreditation

As with any organization, the NBA also has some objectives. The generalized and broad objectives of the NBA are as follows-

  • Evaluation : 
    Regular evaluation of institutions or programs providing technical training on the basis of norms, standards, and guidelines.
  • Upgraded System : 
    Development of quality-conscious systems which are relevant to the latest market needs, excellent, and include participation by all the stakeholders.
  • High Standard Education System : 
    Building an education system that matches the aim of growth through competence and contributes to the national economy through societal development.
  • Quality : 
    Providing quality benchmarks targeted at the national and global level human capital in every technical education field.

An institution has to undergo certain procedures to get accredited and fulfill some conditions laid out by the NBA. After a visit by authorities from the NBA based on their assessment, the institution may get accredited.

What are the Benefits of NBA Accreditation?

The following list depicts the key benefits of NBA accreditation for HEIs & students.

1. Enhances Teaching-Learning

The NBA process enables the institutions to identify and overcome the teaching-learning gaps and develop strategies that maximize the student learning outcomes. It urges the institutions to initiate quality improvement programs, activities, etc. by motivating the faculty to participate actively in academic activities.

2. Academic Progress Of Students

Institutions can adapt the outcome based educational approach (OBE) to map and measure student progress at every step of their journey.

3. Students’ Skill Development

The focus of the NBA is to help students develop skills along with regular academics. It may enhance student enrollment quality-wise and quantity-wise along with improving the employability of the graduate students in the long run.

4. College Autonomy

The institutions that successfully get accredited from the NBA can apply and attain autonomous status. Thus, they can work independently without the need of any university.

5. Grants & Funds For Institutions

Autonomous institutions can apply for grants and funds that promote the financial health of the institution to further boost their work processes and benefit students.

6. Socio-Economic Development With Technical Manpower

Facilitates mobility of professionals and students as well as transnational recognition of degrees. Promotes a competitive academic environment where students grow and foster socio-economic development at the national level by producing the best quality technical manpower.