Funded Projects

Grants Received

Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy
Sl. No. Name Designation of the Teacher Title of the Project Budget Finding Agency


Dr. Rajesh Venkataraman Prof & Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Study of the Impact of Anemia on Depression and Cognitive Ability


Adichunchanagiri University


Dr. Rajesh Venkataraman Prof & Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice

A Randomised Double Blind, Study of Probiotics on Phamracy Students with Examination Stress


Unique Biotech limited


Dr. Annegowda H V Professor and Head Department of Pharmacognosy

Exploitation of underutilized flowers of various edible and vegetables as natural colorants and preservatives and their toxicity evaluation as well as impact on behaviour in animal models


Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore


Dr. Vedamurthy Joshi Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics

Formulation and Evaluation of novel Nano Herbo Synthetic Oral Drugs for Absorption enhancement activity


VGST Scheme of KFIST Level

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis
Grant Received (2015-18)
Particulars Academic year Funding agency Amount Received
Anticancer and molecular docking study of plant isolated phytoconstituents and their analogs. 2012 Research Project Scheme Grant from AICTE, New Delhi, India 10,12,000/-
A Comparative Study of Extraction of Essential Oils from the Aroma Plants by Using Different Extraction Procedures. 2011 SPiCE Grant, VGST Karnataka Govt. Bangalore. 30,000/-
Comparative evaluation of total phenol, flavonoid and antioxidant properties of edible and non-edible fenugreek leaves. 2012 VGST, Government of Karnataka (SPiCE project) 30,000/-
Quantitative determination of Efavirenz in animal plasma and its estimation by newer analytical methods by HPLC 2015 VGST, K-FIST LEVEL-I, Karnataka Govt. Bangalore. 20,00,000
Isolation of Phytoconstituents from the Plants and Evaluation of Their Synergistic Activity For Antidiabetic and Antioxidant Properties 2015 RGUHS Grant 6,50,000
Seminar / workshop organized (2015-17)
Title of the Seminar / workshop Academic year Sponsor
National Seminar 2010 25,000/-
A national seminar on “Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Interpretation Techniques”. 2010 30,000/-
Challenges and New Techniques Involved in Drug Discovery- Staff Development Programme, 2011 7,00,000/-
Two days National Seminar on Career Frontiers and Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2014 15,000/-
Department of Pharmaceutics
Particulars Funding Agency Amount Received
Poly herbal formulations of salvia officinalis RGUHS, Bangalore 25,000/-
Formulation and evaluation of selfemulsifying drug delivery system of Glimepiride. RGUHS, Bangalore 25,000/-
Evaluation of In vitro absorption enhancement activity of moringaolifere on metformin HCl using modified reverted rat intestine technique. RGUHS, Bangalore 25,000/-
Chemical Modification of Xanthan Gums for the better utilization into Novel drug delivery systems RGUHS, Bangalore 9,40,000/-
Formulation and Evaluation of Novel Nano-Herbo-Synthetic Oral drugs for absorption enhancement activity VGST Karnatak 20,00000/-
PG & Ph.D. Dissertation completed / Ongoing
PG 61
Ph.D 04
Title of Seminar/ Workshop/GuZ est Lectures Academic Year Sponsor
A two day workshop on. ‘Novel Concepts in Pharmaceutical Research’ 2009-10 RGUHS, Bangalore
Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) and Regulatory affairs – Basics & Emerging Trends” 2012-13 RGUHS, Bangalore
Work Shop on Biopharmaceutical calculations 2014-15
A perspective on drug research and development: Quest for Novel Targets”. On 15 & 16th September 2017. 2017-18 RGUHS, Bangalore
Guest lecture on “Industry Expectations from Pharmacy Graduates 2017-18
Department of Pharmacognosy
  •  Exploitation of underutilized flowers of various edible plants and vegetables as natural colorants and preservatives and evaluation as well as their impact on behavior in animal model. Sanctioned amount rupees 10,00,000/- by RGUHS, Bangalore.
  •  Received grant of Rs. 10,00,000/- Phytochemical, tissue culture and conservational studies on Decalepis hamiltonii, AICTE, Research Promotion Scheme, New Delhi.
  • The Natural Remedies India Pvt. Ltd awarded a sum of Rs. 10000/- for a project work entitled “Bioactivity guided fractionation of Dryopteris felix mas.”
  • Ascholarship of Rs. 5000/- per month for 24 months was awarded to Mr. Tripathy AS during Post Graduation studies by AICTE.
Department of Pharmacy Practice
  •  A grant of 6.5 Lakhs rupees from Unique Biotech Ltd was received for a project work entitled “Probiotic mediated Glycaemic control and improved quality of life” conducted by Dr. Rajesh Venkataraman. 2017
  •  Tuberculosis Association of India, New Delhi has granted a finance of 20,000 rupees for the Project work entitled “Prospective and Retrospective study of Epidemiological factors of Tuberculosis in and around B.G.Nagara” conducted by Mr. B.P. Satish Kumar. 2014
  •  Karnataka State Pharmacy Council has granted a finance of 5,000 rupees for the Project work entitled “Astudy on tobacco cessation by clinical pharmacist” conducted by Jagadish Babu. D, Praveen Kumar. M, Varun.S. Chanda under the guidance of Dr. BJ. Mahendra Kumar. 2011
  •  RGUHS had granted a grant of 15,000 rupees for Study entitled “implementation and evaluation of Pharmaceutical care services in selected Community Pharmacies”. The Principal investigator and co investigator for the project are Dr. B J Mahendra Kumar and Mr. M Kumaraswamy respectively 2011
Department of Pharmacology

Workshops / Training Programs / Seminars Organized

  •  Guest Lecture on “Preclinical Drug Discovery and animal models used in drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics” on 17th November 2018
  •  A Seminar on Research Methodology and Biostatistics at SAC College of Pharmacy, BG Nagara on 22nd December 2014.
  •  A guest lecture on “Drug Discovery and Development” delivered by Dr. Rema Razdan, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy on 10th April 2015.
  •  A guest lecture on “Alternatives to animal screening methods” delivered by Dr. VeereshBabu, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad on 05th June 2015.
  •  Research Methodology, Biostatistics, Communicating Science and Research Ethics at SAC College of Pharmacy, BG Nagara on 15th December 2015.
  •  Regional Workshop on Research Methodology, Biostatistics, Communicating Science Research Ethics & Grantsmanship at SAC College of Pharmacy, BG Nagara on 11th& 12th November 2016.
  •  A seminar on Drugs targeting Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders: a 40 year voyage of discovery and development on 22nd Feb. 2017.
  •  New Insights into the cell and molecular pharmacology for exploration of new targets for the development of novel molecules 24 & 25 January 2018

On-Going Projects

1 Design and development of oral sustained in-situ gelling system of Roxatidine.
2 Development of evaluation of gel containing ethosomes entrapped with Lornoxicam.
3 Formulation and evaluation of Atenolol liquisolid compacts.
4 An approach to increase the bioavaliblity of Glipizide by self emulsification technique.
5 Formulation and evaluation of mcoadhesive microsphere of Metoprolol succinate.
6 Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of anti hypertensive drug.
7 Design and evaluation of buoyant drug delivery system containing an anti diabetic agent.
8 Formulation and evaluation of sublingual drug delivery system containing anti ulcerative agent.

Completed Projects

1Development and evaluation of in-situ gels of Moxifloxicin for the treatment of periodontitis.
2Design and optimization of gastro retentive drug delivery system of Sitagliptin.
3Comparative studies of micro spheres and nanoparticels of Minocycline hydrochloride as local delivery in treatment of periodontitis.
4Development and evaluation of chitoson based oral controlled matrix tablets of Losartan potassium.
5Design and evaluation of a new capsule -type dosage form for colon- targeted delivery of Etoricoxib.
6Comparative studies of polyelectrolyte complexes of chitoson for sustained realese of Simvastatin.
7Formulation and evaluation of Montelukast sodium fast dissolving tablets.
8Formulation and evaluation of kollidon matrix tablets of Tinidazole for colon -specific drug delivery.
9Formulation and evaluation of chitoson based effervescent floating tablets of Verapamil hydrochloride.
10Design and evaluation of chitoson based mucoadhesive microspheres of Captropil.
11Development and evaluation of chitoson based oral controlled matrix tablets of Glipizide.
12Formulation and in vitro evaluation of colon targeted matrix tablets of Lornoxicam.
13Screening , formulation and evaluation of selected oral absorption enhancers for low permeability drugs.
14Sustained ocular delivery of Sparfloxacin from pH- triggered in situ gelling system.
15Development and evaluation of medicated chewing gums of Fluconazol for the treatment of oral candidiasis.
16Design and evaluation of pulsatile drug delivery of Losartan potassium.
17Formulation and evaluation of self emulsifying drug delivery system of Glimepiride.
18Design and in vitro evaluation of taste masked fast dissolving tablets of Sumatriptan succinate.
19Design and in vitro evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Loronoxicam.
20Formulation and in vitro evaluation of effervesecent tablets of model non steroidalanyi inflammatory drugs.
21Formulation and in vitro evaluation of solid dispersion of beta cyclodextrin complex of Glimeprimide with poloxamer.