Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

Mr. Amar S
Ph No: 7353628202

The Cultural Committee, a vibrant and dynamic crew at our college dedicated to celebrating and promoting cultural diversity and artistic expression. Our committee serves as a hub for students passionate about exploring different cultures, traditions, and art forms. Through a variety of activities, events, and initiatives, we aim to foster an inclusive environment where students can express their creativity, develop new skills, and appreciate the rich tapestry of global cultures.

Whether you’re interested in Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre, and Visual arts. The Various Clubs offers great things for everyone. By joining our clubs, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in cultural festivals, workshops, exhibitions, and performances, all designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural practices.

Our mission is to create a space where students can connect, collaborate, and celebrate their unique cultural identities while learning from one another. We believe that cultural awareness and artistic expression are vital components of a well-rounded education, and we strive to provide meaningful experiences that enrich our campus community.

Join us on this exciting journey of cultural discovery and creativity. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of diversity and the power of artistic expression!


Promote Cultural Awareness:

Facilitate understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and traditions.

Encourage Participation:

Engage community members in cultural activities and events.

Foster Creativity:

Provide platforms for artistic expression and creativity.

Support Inclusion:

Ensure all cultural groups are represented and celebrated.

Enhance Social Interaction:

Create opportunities for social interaction and networking through cultural programs.

Support Personal Growth:

Enhance students’ personal development.

Various Clubs

Dronacharya Club

The Sports Club embodies the spirit of athleticism and teamwork. Through a myriad of activities ranging from traditional sports to adventure outings, members will have the opportunity to stay active, develop skills, and forge lasting friendships. Our club aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship among individuals of all levels of expertise.

Club Incharge: Dr. Madhu B K


Ph No: 9538585477


Ninadh Club

The Music Club serves as a harmonious sanctuary for music enthusiasts to express themselves through rhythm and melody. From instrumental performances to vocal recitals, our members will delve into various genres and styles, nurturing their musical talents while fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for the art form.

Club Incharge: Mr. Tripathi Amrutanand


Ph No: 9036946409

Raja Ravi Varma Club

The Art Club is a canvas for imagination and creativity to flourish. Here, individuals unleash their artistic prowess through painting, sketching, sculpting, and more. Members embark on a visual journey, capturing moments frozen in time through the lens of a camera. Through workshops, photo walks, and exhibitions, individuals will refine their photography skills, exploring the interplay of light, composition, and subject matter, while cultivating a keen eye for storytelling through images.

Club Incharge: Mr. Manoj Mouli


Ph No: 9916194182


Pathanjali Club

The Yoga Club offers a sanctuary for holistic well-being, nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yoga and meditation. In a serene environment, members will explore various yoga styles, breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices, promoting inner balance, resilience, and a sense of inner peace.

Club Incharge: Dr. Rashmi N G


 Ph No: 8618582825

Chanakya Club

The IQ Club is a haven for intellectual stimulation and cognitive challenges. Through puzzles, quizzes, debates, and discussions, members will sharpen their analytical skills, expand their knowledge horizons, and engage in thought-provoking discourse on a wide array of topics, fostering a culture of critical thinking and curiosity.

Club Incharge: Mr. Chandan K


Ph No: 9066512027

Abhinaya Club

The Drama Club is a stage for self-expression and theatrical innovation. Through acting workshops, rehearsals, and performances, members will unleash their dramatic flair, exploring diverse narratives and characters while honing their acting skills and stagecraft, fostering creativity, empathy, and confidence.

Club Incharge: Mr. Suhas N S


Ph No: 8747072545

Nataraj Club

The Dance Club is a rhythmic celebration of movement and expression. From classical to contemporary styles, members will groove to the beat, learning choreography, mastering techniques, and igniting the stage with their passion and energy, fostering a sense of unity, joy, and cultural appreciation through dance.

Club Incharge: Mr Amar S


Ph No: 9538585477


Community Engagement

Skill Development

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Cultural Exchange

Leadership Opportunities

Creative Expression

Physical and Mental Well-being

Academic Enrichment

Personal Connections

Contribution to Campus Culture