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About Adichunchanagiri University
The destination for Multidisciplinary Studies

The University is situated in a Lush Green Unitary Campus of 67 acres at B.G. Nagara, Nagamangala Tq., Mandya District, Karnataka on the Bangalore – Mangalore National Highway No. 75, 105 Kms from Bangalore, the Capital City of Karnataka.

The University consists of six Constituent colleges in the disciplines of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Management, Commerce and Education. The environment friendly campus has adequate infrastructure and physical facilities for Academics and Research. The campus possesses around 5000 students, 400 teachers and 1800 support staff.

The University employs a broad range of strategies to achieve its Vision, Mission and Objectives to expand the horizon of World Knowledge, Provide instruction, Teaching-Learning, Training, Research and Development at the level of Higher Education in the faculties of Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Management and Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences and other Emerging and Thrust areas.

Education for all with Value Systems of Empathy, Enrichment, Equity, Excellence, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship & Enlightenment to Serve the Society


  • - Education to all for Self Reliance, Socio-Economic Change to develop an Inclusive Society with Shared Opportunities & Responsibilities
  • - Empathy towards the Less Fortunate, the Sick, the Suffering & the Disabled
  • - Enrichment to acquire Abundant Knowledge, Requisite Skills & Appropriate Attitude
  • - Excellence for Quality Assurance, Enhancement & Sustenance in Academics & Research to produce Graduates of Global Standards
  • - Equity for Fairness & Social Justice by providing Equal Opportunities
  • - Empowerment of Graduates to become Intuitive, Innovative & Inventive
  • - Entrepreneurship is a concept or idea involving the product or service to be delivered, or a new technology to be developed
  • - Enlightenment to attain Wisdom & Virtues in Life to think beyond Self
  • - Student Information System



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