Research Grants


  1. Karnatka State Pharmacy Council has granted a finance of 5,000 rupees for the Project work entitled "A study on tobacco cessation by clinical pharmacist" conducted by Jagadish Babu.D, Praveen Kumar. M, Varun.S.Chanda under the guidance of Dr.BJ.Mahendra Kumar.

  2. A project work entitled "implementation and evaluation of Pharmaceutical care services in selected Community Pharmacies" has received a grant of 15,000 rupees from RGUHS. The principal investigator and co investigator for the project are Dr. B J Mahendra Kumar and Mr. M Kumaraswamy.

  3. Mr.G.Ramu, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Pharmacognosy entitled " Isolation and Preliminary Analysis of Caffeine from Selected Tea Leaf Grades and Dust Grades, a Comparative Study " as Investigator to Vision Group of Science and Technology for a grant of Rs. 20,000.

  4. A project entitled " Development of Monoherbal Tablets of Salvia Officinalis L. for better Psychiatric Therapy " as Co-Investigator to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka for a grant of Rs. 15,000, by Dr. Gulzar Ahamed, HOD, Dept of Pharmaceutics & G.Ramu, Dept. of Pharmacognosy.

  5. A Project by Dr.V.Jaishree entitled "A Comparative Study of Extraction of Essential Oils from the Aroma Plants by Using Different Extraction Procedures" received grants of Rs. 30,000 from SPiCE VGST Karnataka Govt.

  6. Grants of Rs. 7.0 Lakhs was received by Dr.V.Jaishree to conduct Staff Development Program, from AICTE New Delhi.

  7. A Project by Dr.V.Jaishree entitled "Comparative evaluation of total phenol, flavonoid and antioxidant properties of edible and non-edible fenugreek leaves" received grants of Rs. 30,000 from SPiCE VGST Karnataka Govt.

  8. Grants of Rs. 10.0 Lakhs were received by Dr.V.Jaishree for research in the Anticancer activity of phytoconstituents and Molecular Docking study of semisynthetic compounds (RPS from AICTE New Delhi).

  9. Grants of Rs. 15,000 was received from RGUHS, Bangalore by Dr.Gulzar Ahamed, Dept. of Pharmaceutics to conduct two days National seminar on "Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Regulatory Affairs - Basics and Emerging Trends"